The Field of Physical Therapy Encompasses Numerous Different Aspects

Certain physical therapy techniques date back to ancient times. The modern profession was not established until the 20th century. The majority of people are familiar with some of what is involved with physical therapy such as helping to reduce pain, improving knee and lower back functions and assisting with a variety of orthopedic issues. Many people remain unaware a physical therapist can help an individual use their limbs, so they are able to walk or help patients struggling to recover from a stroke. The physician will often refer patients to a physical therapist when they believe their services will benefit the patient.

The first visit to a physical therapist is very important since this is when the initial evaluation takes place. A physical therapy treatment Centreville VA will then recommend a treatment plan. The patient may be taught how to perform therapeutic exercises, the correct way to care and manage their symptoms, receive manual therapy or receive treatment with therapeutic modalities such as an ultrasound, ice, traction, electrical stimulations, etc. The type of treatment recommended is based on the evaluation and consistent revaluation and reassessment. This may involve hands on soft tissue and joint treatment techniques, modalities to reduce pain and techniques to restore function. Most patients are instructed to perform exercise programs in their homes, trained to prevent the issue from recurring and shown how to speed their recovery. For more information visit here.

Physical therapy is similar to massage therapy in certain ways. A physical therapist often uses massage therapy to help their patients. This is called soft tissue mobilization. A massage therapist is unable to administer physical therapy. This is because a physical therapist receives extensive training in many different techniques. A chiropractor is responsible for joint manipulations. A physical therapist rehabs painful areas and injuries. They are able to offer many of the same physical adjustments as a chiropractor because they have extensive specialized training. They control pain in the back and use therapeutic exercises to control any swelling. The lifting techniques and home exercises they teach are often critical for controlling pain in the lower back. For additional details please visit this site

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Many patients are referred to a physical therapist after orthopedic surgery. This is because physical therapy can increase endurance, strength, passive and active range of motion and swelling after the surgery. One of the most important aspects is increasing the functionality of soft tissues, bones and muscles more effectively and faster than simply resting at home after surgery. Physical therapy is also beneficial for individuals with musculoskeletal injuries, patients recovering from surgery, neurological problems resulting from a brain injury or stroke and individuals having issues with walking or balance. Even patients recovering from internal issues can be helped by a physical therapist to regain endurance and strength.

The field of physical therapy is large because it encompasses the entire body and all of the associated functions. Physical therapists have been expertly trained in evaluating and treating numerous issues. This training enables them to relieve pain, improve function and movement and expand the potential of the movement.