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Inbound Marketing: The Advantages

Consumers these days seek greater control over their lives. They like the convenience and speed that the Internet provides them in terms of finding answers and solutions. They don’t want to be force-fed sales pitches. With about 10 million Google searches monthly, it’s obvious that people want to be independent. By reading online reviews and using social media, they also show that they are receptive to one another’s opinions.

Usual outbound marketing methods imparting one general message to all are now less and less effective. Everyone is throwing marketing emails in the trash, blocking ads on their browsers or not paying attention to commercials. With inbound marketing, more tangible and targeted outcomes can be achieved.

Cost Efficient

If your budget is hefty, it’s easy to assume that outbound marketing is right for you. Billboards, print ads, TV ads – all these can get so expensive yet none of them offer any guarantees in terms of ROI. When you buy enough ads and launch enough campaigns, you will surely grab attention. But that doesn’t mean that such attention actually comes from your intended audience.

On the other hand, inbound marketing calls for smart and lean thinking that allows you to gain customers without using brute force. Instead of just delivering your message, it educates your readers. It doesn’t matter if you have a small marketing budget or you’re looking to cut costs. The costs will still be dramatically less than what an equivalent outbound campaign would incur. In fact, you can even start your inbound campaign almost for free with all the open-source platforms available out there.

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Facebook and Twitter are free, along with WordPress for your blogging and SEO. In addition, you can use free versions offered by marketing software companies. When you have all the tools you need for free or almost-free, it’s not hard to see why inbound marketing is the better option.

Bigger ROI

Because of the lower costs of inbound marketing, you automatically have better ROI opportunities, but it doesn’t stop there. By gather information from your audience and prospects, inbound marketing helps you make better decisions, including distributing your time accordingly across different types of activities.

An inbound data campaign is perfect for data geeks who want to crunch the numbers and improve their efforts. From the time they arrive on your website up to the time you seal the deal, you can see and analyze each step of the campaign.

You will know how these people reacted at every stage of their journey as consumers, and you can experiment on different methods to know which one is the best.

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