Pediatrics: The Branch of Medicine that Specializes in Young People

Pediatrics is a very important medical specialty. This branch of medicine is specifically designed to help young people. Newborn babies and even young adults to the age of 21 can all benefit from pediatric medical health. Let’s take a more detailed look at pediatric medicine and the way it is used to provide care for young people everywhere.

Pediatric Medicine and Babies

Baby is a term that describes a child from the date of their birth to age 4. Babies typically need a lot of routine care during the early stages of their development. This care is important because it ensures that a young child is growing normally and that they do not have any type of diseases or conditions. Pregnant women are strongly encouraged to have a pediatrician while they’re pregnant. After they have a child they should see their pediatrician at least 3 – 5 days after birth and at least once a month after their initial visit. The American Academy of Pediatrics has a detailed schedule that new parents can use to keep their child on a checkup routine.

Middle Childhood Stages and Pediatric Medicine

When a child is between the ages of 5 to 10 this is considered the Middle Childhood Stage. Pediatricians help children at this stage of life by evaluating them for basic health problems related to their development. They want to ensure that children are mentally, emotionally and physically on target with their growth. They will also screen for any types of problems related to learning, socialization or comprehending. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention highlights the development and health needs for children who fall within this broad category. There are even pediatrics Vernon Hills il that will help kids in the Middle Childhood Stages of life.

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Preteens and Pediatric Assistance

Preteens are children ages 11 and 12. This small group of children should see pediatricians to ensure that they are on track with their health and with other areas of their life. Pediatricians will make sure that children in this age range are developing properly as well. This is about the time that many young boys and girls start to take on their adult features.

Teenagers and Pediatric Care

By the time a child reaches 13 they are pretty much on their way to becoming an adult. Their bodies will undergo many changes. A pediatrician who works with this age range will ensure that females are developing properly and that males are growing up like they should. Once again, they will evaluate a person’s mental, physical and emotional health to ensure that everything is okay. Just about every community in the nation has a pediatrician on hand that can help people with the development of their children.

Finally, there are many different types of pediatric medical professionals. They include doctors, family physicians, nurse practitioners and board-certified pediatricians. Just make sure that you are seeing a pediatrician that has the knowledge, experience and training to ensure that your children are developing into happy and sound adults.