Learning The “Secrets” of DNA

Benefits of Using DNA Extractions

Science is not a field for everyone but those who have managed to enter into the scientific field have done tremendous work. One of the ways the scientist has been able to come up with many things is through the use of scientific methods to explain the events of nature. For example, through the use of scientific methods, scientists have managed to come up with a test called DNA. The many sectors benefit a lot from the use of DNA extractions. Given below are some advantages of DNA extractions.

If you want to identify a person, DNA extractions can help you in doing that. An example of where DNA extraction can be used is where a person has been burnt beyond recognition whether by the road accident or through a house caught by fire. When you have heard of the word DNA profiling used by security or the law enforcement agencies especially in the crime scene because DNA extractions can help in notifying criminals who committed the crime in that place if the materials are collected. DNA extractions can also be used when the court orders for DNA paternity testing especially where there is conflict about a child belonging to a person that is rejecting them or a person that is wanting a child but doesn’t belong to them and the problem can be solved using the DNA paternity test.

It is possible to use products that you don’t know how they are made, for example, DNA extractions is used in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products. There are many products being used across the world but people are not aware of, for example hepatitis B person and also insulin is made using DNA extractions.

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Also, it is important to note that DNA extractions can be used in genetic engineering. It is important to note that the scientists have come up with ways of altering or modifying animals and plants. For many farmers, they have struggled a lot with growing plants especially when it comes to pest control and using DNA extractions, the scientist chooses an organism with the best traits such as resistance to best and therefore injecting to the plant making it pest resistant. There are many varieties of seedlings that you can buy today in the market that have been made by the agricultural companies using the DNA extractions because such species are seedlings are very beneficial for the phone because of the pest and weed resistant.

On the other hand, scientists have been able using different scientific methods to alter the genes of animals. There are amazing trials that many scientists have tried it comes to DNA transplant in animals, for example, they attempted transplanting jellyfish DNA into pigs. The scientists are also trying to use the DNA extractions in creating identical human beings.

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