How Dr. Joe Vitale Can Help You Change Your Life

The Laws of Attraction concept introduces the notion that you attract what you present to the world. It indicates that a negative mind attracts love interests who are also negative. However, the process takes more than just a positive mind to find the right person for you. Dr. Joe Vitale explains a new process referred to as the Secret Mirror.

Correcting Your Subconscious Mind

The process involves more than just focusing on the conscious mind and negative outlooks. Participants embrace positivity and correct negative subconscious thoughts about themselves. The negative thoughts are processed, and the participants let them go. The participants learn to embrace positive thoughts about themselves. The process begins with the participants looking into a full-length mirror and repeating the new affirmation.

Learning to Love Yourself

The participants repeat the mantra, “I understand, love, and accept myself on the deepest level.” The mantra helps the participants shed the negativity in their subconscious mind and start to love themselves despite their flaws or imperfections. The process requires the participants to repeat the mantra each day until they believe it and embrace the process.

Eliminating Self Doubt

By repeating the process, the participants build up their self-love and remove all the self-doubt from their minds. The process helps the participants stop holding themselves back in life due to negative thoughts. According to Dr. Vitale, individuals succeed more in life after they release all their negative thoughts and embrace self-love and acceptance of themselves.

Taking On a More Positive Outlook

After a month of participating in the process, the participants take on a more positive outlook. It helps them venture out into new areas of life. The participants are open to new experiences in life including the love they need in their lives. By loving themselves more, the individuals understand their value and worth. The end result is that they won’t settle and attract better love interests overall.

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The Laws of Attraction concept has evolved into a new opportunity called the Secret Mirror. The process involves self-improvement through positive thoughts and affirmations. The participants repeat the affirmation until it is their mantra. To learn more about the process, contact Dr. Vitale now.