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Getting Some Facts on Youngevity Right

One of the things that marks Youngevity is the fact that it uses network marketing for the distribution of its products. Though, this is one company that has been surrounded with lots and lots of controversies and some of the questions many have had about Youngevity company are some of the things we shall be looking at in this post. This post will take a look at the facts about Youngevity, if it is a scam as some view it to be or a legitimate entity.

Having been founded in 1991 by one Dr. Joel Wallach, the company Youngevity has its base out of Chula Vista California. One fact that remains an interesting bit about this company is that it has remained a network marketing company to this date that has received an authorized health claim from the FDA for cancer fighting. At this comoany and with them, you will find a wide range of the personal care and health and wellness products. If you want to get started with them, you will need to have put down a sum of about $ 10 which becomes like the members fee. Looking at their payment plans, they happen to have a rather complex payment plan and as it is with the other many matrix plans, they too do pay out via a “volume” system. And if you are a top distributor, the same way it happens to be with the other like plans, you will be in for larger pays as compared to the other low level distributors within the network.

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One mistake that may be said with many about Youngevity or any other business of such nature is when you happen to get started in it with no prior experience or knowledge in marketing. Success in this business actually is greatly determined by this fact-your prior experience in marketing. You need to mark the fact that great products and companies go, but the skills that come with the ability to find the right target market for given products and services is key. For this reason, if at all you happen to possess these skills and abilities, then you are well on your way making a good decision joining Youngevity. However, in the event that you happen not to quite possess these, then it would be generally advisable for you to think of investing your time looking at these and developing them before you get to join.

But the one fact that needs to remain is that Youngevity is still one of the global leaders in the distribution of the health and wellness products and one can surely trust them for such needs.

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