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Tips to Contemplate While Preparing for a Hike in Mount Kilimanjaro.

The dry season is the best season for hikes in Mount Kilimanjaro. There is no mad during dry season, and thus, the mountain is not slippery. It is worth because without mud, then your shoes will not be heavy from dragging the mud, which means you will not tire. During summer you will climb the mountain well because you will not be delayed behind because of mud. However, you are not limited to hike during the rainy season.

You need to gather all the necessary gear you will need for the mountain climbing. You should keep in mind that whenever you climb higher in mountain, the coldness will increase since the weather becomes cooler as you move higher. Whenever it is during the night, and especially the summer season the coldness exceeds. Therefore, you should carry the best clothes for you during the hike. Keep in mind to carry the personal items. You need to have the best shoe for hiking which means that you should carry a boot. The best thing about a boot is that it will cover your legs which protects them from cold and walks comfortably, because, it has no heel.

You need to contemplate the days it will take you to climb mount Kilimanjaro. Some people have climbed mount Kilimanjaro several times which means that it can take them like five days to climb up because they find it easy to do so. You should consider climbing the mount Kilimanjaro accordingly even though you have climbed other mountains. When climbing the mount Kilimanjaro, then being your first time you will be advised to use the eight days’ time hiking. Hence, the hike which will take eight days, should be your choice if it is your first time to climb the mountain.

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It is worth to be psychologically and physically prepared before you go for the hike. The body will be prepared for the long journey ahead through some exercises. Climbing of the mountain should be in your mind. It will be of assistance because you will be well when climbing the mountain and even be happy for the tour.

Water is required during climbing of the mountain which should be enough. You should stay hydrated lest you lose consciousness when hiking. It will depend on the tour guides you chose since you might select the ones to provide you with the food, drinks and even the tents. The amount of money you have planned for the hiking tour, should be contemplated to know the kind of tour guides to choose.

Preparing with some medicines is good. You should consider carrying some medicines because the weather change as you go up higher, it can affect you and having medicine you will be strong and healthy. It is known that during hiking most people get sick.

Doing Hiking The Right Way

Case Study: My Experience With Hiking