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Protect Yourself From Landlord Harassment – Know Your Tenant Lax or Hire an Attorney

Many people look for places to rent especially when they are of the right age to leave home and start a life on their own. Whether it is an apartment or a one bedroom house, one thing that is sure is that it is a rented space. These rental places have landlords that the tenant has to deal with. Generally, landlords are fair with their renters. However, not every single apartment or hour for rent has a good and fair landlord because there are bad ones, too. Even if the due date of your rent is still days off, these landlord will start pestering you to pay it. He can refuse to fix things that break around the property, and make your life miserable These are the types that don’t return security deposit when it is time to return it. You can save yourself from all this if you know your local tenant law or hire an attorney who is an expert in landlord tenant laws.

Renters are aggravated by a bad landlord. They are the types of keep asking for your rent even if it is not yet time. You face being fined if the old appliances break down due to wear and tear. It can be easy to shut down a harassing landlord if you know the tenant laws. if he accuses you of late rental payments, you can go back to the signed contract that states the due date of the rental. If he accuses you of wear and tear, you should know that the rental laws state that the normal wear and tear of items brought about by everyday use is expected and cannot be penalized.

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When renters pay their rent, landlord sometimes forget their obligation to maintain the place using that money and that it is not just for him to enjoy. But, the rental they collect monthly will be gone when he needs money to repair the property. And this is why repair requests are ignored. Your local tenant laws clearly states that the landlord is responsible to repair things and there are things you can do if he does not repair things. If you agreed that the property has a dishwasher, then this is included I his obligation to fix if it gets broken.

One of the worse things that landlords do is to withhold your security deposit if your are moving out. Within 30 days the landlord would have returned your security deposit according to the tenant law. If the deposit is withheld, the landlord is required an explanation and even receipts If the landlord does not follow these laws you can often recover all or a portion of the withheld deposit.

It is important then to know your tenant laws and to seek the help of an attorney who is a tenant law expert to protect you from a harassing landlord.

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Why not learn more about Lawyers?